SIDs in Windows VMs

Today sysinternals retired the NewSID tool from their suite of utilities. Mark Russinovich (one of the writers of NewSID - the other being Bryce Cogswell) [...]

Windows VM MAC Address Change

Sometimes moving a server into a Virtual Infrastructure is not straightforward. Consider a server that has software on it that is licensed based on a MAC [...]

The Arc – Microsoft Architecture Magazine

I haven't read it yet (not enough hours in the day) but I came across The Arc Magazine yesterday. Described by Microsoft as "a multi-part publication [...]

Setting up Sysprep for vCenter 2.5

Several of my recent clients (my current one included) have both avoided, failed or just not used Virtual Machine (VM) templates. Depending on who you ask the [...]

Remote Shutdown with PowerShell

Here's the scenario: You've just hit shut down in your remote desktop session. You're logged off Windows Server 2003 and your RDP session is closed. You wait a [...]