ThinApp Standalone SKU Reinstated

Every now again people have to go back on a decision that they've made and make a U-turn. At VMworld in Barcelona, VMware have announced a reversal of their [...]

The End of the VMTN Saga?

If you don't know what VMTN is, you might be new to VMware virtualisation or the IT industry. Either way, I have an older post that covers it a bit. I posted [...]

VMTN Miniwag with Mike Laverick

Article by Michael Poore (@mpoore) You could be forgiven for thinking that by now Mike Laverick's campaign to get VMware to reinstate their VMTN subscription [...]

VMTN Subscription Campaign

A few years back VMware used to have a VMTN Subscription which was their equivalent of Microsoft's Technet scheme. The purpose of it, like with Technet, was to [...]