VCP-NV: Getting Started

So, you’ve decided to take the VCP-NV exam that VMware launched just recently. If you haven’t been living and breathing VMware NSX for the past few months, [...]

VCP-NV Exam Prep Series to start on vBrownbag EMEA

Starting tomorrow on the #vBrownbag EMEA webinar, we're starting a series of sessions covering the exam blueprint for the VCPN610 exam. The exam is a required [...]

WorkStation 7 License for VCP4 Success

I was very pleased to discover today that VMware are continuing their generous gift of a Workstation license for people who pass the VCP4 exam (VCP410). And, [...]

Passed the VCP4 exam

If I wasn't so tired I'd be jumping for joy, it's a weight off my mind though, that's for sure. Ever since vSphere was launched back in May I knew that at [...]