Objective 1.1 – Tools and Summary

Well, that one objective dealt with. Just another 30 odd to go. Don’t forget that reading is not everything, you need to have done as much of this stuff as [...]

Objective 1.1 – Analyse I/O Workloads

To put an application into a virtual environment you must first understand its I/O requirements to make sure that it will perform adequately on the storage [...]

Objective 1.1 – LUN Masking and PSA-related Commands

What is LUN masking? explains what LUN masking is in layman’s terms (in case you have a NAS only background). See Storage Masking? for the Yellow Bricks [...]

Objective 1.1 – VMFS Resignaturing

VMFS Resignaturing is worth a read. See also the section on Managing Duplicate VMFS Datastores in the ESX Configuration [...]

Objective 1.1 – vCenter Storage Filters

From the ESX Configuration Guide. When you perform VMFS datastore management operations, vCenter Server uses default storage filters. The filters help you to [...]