Bye, bye Service Console

This isn’t just another article about vSphere 5. It’s not my aim simply to rattle off a list of new and improved features. There are probably a plethora of [...]

VMware Version Numbers

I've been invited onto the beta of the next version of VMware Workstation. There's nothing much unusual about that. I have a licensed copy of it and have [...]

ESX and ESXi AD Integration

If, like me, you make your ESX / ESXi server passwords nice and complex you end up having to dig them out of a password safe every time you want to connect [...]

PowerCLI: Adding New PortGroups

I'm sure that someone somewhere has written a script exactly like this in the past but I wanted to write my own for a number of reasons. While I'll probably [...]

VMTools Version Mismatch

Before I get started, I just want to say that I don't know for sure if this is an issue that is causing problems for some VMs that I have been looking at or [...]