CloudCamp – April 24th 2013

I love CloudCamp (or "geekfest" as my wife calls it). The next event is on Wednesday 24th April and it's back in "The Crypt". The topic for this time is [...]

CloudCamp London 24/10/2012

It's been some time since I went to CloudCamp - January if I remember correctly. Well, it's on again and I'm due to be in the country so I've just registered [...]

CloudCamp London 25/01/2012

Where has the time gone? It was over a month ago that I was at CloudCamp but it feels like only last week. Now the date of the next event has been published - [...]

CloudCamp – The Return

It's been about a year since I last went to CloudCamp. In honour of my return and as an homage to CloudCamp London's compere, Simon Wardley, I have adorned [...]

CloudCamp March 2010

CloudCamp London is back again. It seems like only last week when I went to the last one. Now although this is only going to be my second attendance at [...]