ThinApp / Horizon Surprise!

The VMware ThinApp team recently ran a 6-day bootcamp that I mentioned a week or so ago. The bootcamp finished yesterday but, if you’ve been following the daily episodes, you will know that they’ve pulled out one extra little surprise.

On November 15th a new episode will be posted on the bootcamp page¬†on the subject of ThinApp application management using VMware Horizon Application Manager. That’s got to be worth checking out!


VMware ThinApp BootCamp

Earlier in the year VMware ran a View 4.6 BootCamp that was well received. As a natural follow-up to that, next week sees the start of a six part ThinApp BootCamp.

Starting on Monday 31st October and running for six business days, the ThinApp BootCamp will see the following videos released, one per day:

  • ThinApp Design Best Practices
  • ThinApp Implementation Best Practices
  • ThinApp Performance Enhancing Techniques
  • Scripting within ThinApp
  • Isolation Modes Explained
  • AppLink Fundamentals

At the end of the BootCamp you can register to download an eBook copy of all of the presentations.

If you’re using or thinking of using ThinApp, this BootCamp is a free and self-paced method of learning more. To find out more, head over to the BootCamp’s page here.