Windows VM Keyboard Layout in Fusion

After I rebuilt my Windows 7 VM in Fusion some months ago, I never quite got around to sorting out the keyboard layout. Having changed job roles recently, I'm [...]

VMTurbo Make Monitoring Free

Today, VMTurbo have launched their Virtual Health Monitor tool and they are letting it loose on the world for the whopping figure of... wait for it... $0 - [...]

XP: The Final Countdown

People have been saying that "this is the year of VDI" for a number of years now. Could it be true this year? Windows XP will be 13 years old when Microsoft [...]

Windows DNS Queries Failing

I was putting together a PoC late last year and encountered an issue that I've not seen before that was caused by some functionality within Windows 2008 that I [...]

Windows Not Activating? Check the Time!

A lesson in not trying to do several things at once. I had just deployed a VM from a template and waited for it to be customized. All was well until Windows [...]