Do my ESXi hosts have the same VLANs?

In a small vSphere environment that I've recently been working on, I started to notice that some of my VMs were disappearing off the network from time to time. [...]

Idera PowerCLI session 25/04/2012

On Wednesday 25th April scripting genius Luc Dekens will be running an online session demonstrating how to automate the creation and configuration (including [...]

PowerShell Primer

A few times in the last few weeks I've been asked if it's worth learning PowerShell. My answer is always "yes". Rather than repeat myself too often I thought [...]

ESX and ESXi AD Integration

If, like me, you make your ESX / ESXi server passwords nice and complex you end up having to dig them out of a password safe every time you want to connect [...]

PowerCLI: Empty Resource Pool

Just a quick one today and I'm only putting it up here because it's a one-liner and they always make me smile :-) Of the multiple clusters on one vCenter [...]