vCO 5.5.2 released

Such a minor update (from 5.5.1), why should I bother to write about this? Well, for two reasons really. Complete support of Dynamic Types. I've been doing [...]

The End of the VMTN Saga?

If you don't know what VMTN is, you might be new to VMware virtualisation or the IT industry. Either way, I have an older post that covers it a bit. I posted [...]

Don’t over-complicate!

Having recently relocated my home office and my home lab within my house, I have set about rebuilding my lab from scratch. As it evolves or my needs change, a [...]

Amazon Simple Workflow (SWF)

Yesterday the retail and cloud behemoth Amazon made an announcement regarding a new service that they're offering for developers called Amazon Simple Workflow [...]

vCenter Orchestrator Silent Install

Article by Michael Poore (@mpoore) Is it possible to install vCO on a Windows server silently? Yes. If you have the EXE file [...]