vRetreat Silverstone 2017

So, it went something like this: Patrick – “Do you want to drive some Porsches at a blogging event?” Me – “Nom nom nom.” (That’s the sound of me biting his arm off.) Ok, it wasn’t quite like that (see right). But close enough for the purposes of this post. By the way, I wasn’t serious about killing anyone ­čśë Fast forward three short months, and the guy who co-organises the vRockstar parties in Barcelona (Patrick Redknap) is hosting the first ever vRetreat event at the Porsche Experience Centre. We’ve got Porsches, we’ve got Silverstone. What else?┬áSome bloggers: Amit Panchal,┬áBarry Coombs,┬áRynardt Spies,┬áDavid Owen,┬áSimon Gallagher,┬áMe, and a special guest appearance by Joe Baguley. Finally, and very importantly, some sponsors: The day started early with breakfast at the Porsche experience centre. After a few minutes drooling over looking at the cars inside […]

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