Tiffin / Fudge Recipe

I had good intentions for March. I had plans for a number of interesting posts. Some of them have made it as far as the “Draft” stage. Unfortunately though I just ran out of time. Birthdays (mine included), Mother’s Day, illness, work, more work, children, the dog and a lot of other things all conspired against me. Maybe April will be better, I won’t count my chickens though.

To make up for it, I am publishing the recipe that I have for what my mum called Chocolate Fudge when I was younger and what, it turns out, closely resembles a Scottish Tiffin recipe. (more…)

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Setting up Sysprep for vCenter 2.5

Several of my recent clients (my current one included) have both avoided, failed or just not used Virtual Machine (VM) templates. Depending on who you ask the answer to the question “Why Not?” seems to vary between:

  • “I didn’t know that you could do that”
  • “We couldn’t make it work”
  • “It was too complicated to setup”
  • “We haven’t had the time yet”
  • “All of our new VMs are different”

After some convincing I have persuaded my current client to let me configure sysprep and a couple of templates for them. I’ve done this a few times before but never really documented it. Admitedly a lot of this is already documented in the Basic Admin Guide for vCenter but this post saves downloading a PDF file.


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Which VMs are in which Port Groups

This took me a little while to get sorted as I had a gap in my PowerShell knowledge around the handling and formating of nested objects. A bit of exploration with get-member and I came up witha working script. It’s based on a post by Hugo Peeters and lists the VMs that are connected to (or belong to) a particular Port Group.

I wanted to know this as I was producing some infrastructure diagrams for a customer and wanted to know the names of VMs in a cluster for each Port Group without having to visit each ESX server. (more…)

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