Selecting and Flashing my Home Lab Router

It’s taken me a while to select and configure a router for my home lab environment. Part of the problem has been sorting through some conflicting [...]

QNAP NAS and Twonky Media Server

Ok, so it's not really virtualisation related but I thought it needed writing down somewhere. I have a QNAP NAS at home. I don't really use it in my home lab [...]

HP MicroServer Cashback Offer Extended (March 2011)

Just in case @kiwi_si hasn't posted about this, it seems that the cashback offer on HP's MicroServer has been extended again until the 31st Macrh 2011. Even [...]

What is a Xsigo? (Part 1)

I happened to mention Xsigo in passing to someone I know and they asked, quite rightly, "What's a Xsigo?". In this day and age of Google being everyone's [...]