I purposefully wandered past the QNAP booth in the Solutions Exchange at VMworld Europe 2012 yesterday as I have one of their devices at home connected up to my lab (although as it gets older and my demands get higher I find that I’m using it less and less). I also know a few other individuals (e.g. Jeremy – co-author on this site) who have one in their home lab setup and QNAP have a good presence in the SMB market.

As the title suggests, QNAP are going to deliver VAAI functionality very shortly. The really good thing though is that this does not mean that you need to buy a new model. As QNAP use the same OS package on all of their devices, the whole range will get the functionality as of version 3.8. Geeks (with QNAPs) everywhere will rejoice and dance in the streets!

I plan to pop back past later on and find out more about it.

  1. Guess it depends on what you’ve changed. I have a few changes on mine but they have persisted well through previous updates. I need to get a new appliance though. My current one is a little under-powered now.

    So, what tweaks have you made that you’re worried about losing?

  2. Interesting…although not sure I’m going to want to upgrade the firmware if it means I’ll those all the countless other hacks I’ve done!

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